10 Proven Tips To Run Successful Social Media Campaigns

Running social media campaigns can be quite different from managing a social media profile on an ongoing basis. In this case, campaigns tend to be for a specific purpose and only last a certain time period.

Whether one wants to build better campaigns or is willing to try their first one, certain pitfalls should be avoided. Let’s browse through a few practical tips for building and running a flourishing social media campaign.

  • Choose and build the right campaign

Social media campaigns offer a wide array of options from voting surveys to newsletter signups. So, one should have a clear idea of what he/she hopes to accomplish, research accordingly, pick the right campaign mode and decide how best to build it. One should look for services that allow installing campaigns anywhere anytime.

  • Try action-gating

Action-gating is when some website asks users to do something like vote or share their e-mail id to get something from the involved brand. This allows one to promote an event (new releases maybe) and also allows them to track the specific returns on the brand’s efforts. It’s eye-catching and also provides higher value.

  • Get the word out

A large percent of campaign success is due to proper promotion. Most of the ways to promote a campaign are actually quite affordable as they’re existing resources. Just because a campaign is running on Facebook, doesn’t mean people on Twitter shouldn’t know about it right? Make it easy for people to tell about your products to their friends.

  • Offer the right prize

Often fresh starters make the mistake of selecting and giving away expensive gifts or prizes (Android phones, laptops, etc.) that aren’t essentially aligned with the brand. While a lucrative offer will attract customers’ attention, often people may steer clear thinking such offers to be “too good to be true”.

  • Showcasing own products

Apart from offering the right prize, it’s even wiser to offer one’s own products or services as incentives. The prize doesn’t need to break the bank but its value should match the level of effort it takes to reach it. If the prize is high, people can be swayed to spend more time on your website.

  • Curb required form fields

Basic forms are the most selected method for many a campaign as they’re a fairly low barrier to entry. Most people are willing to give out as little information as possible to get access to something. Thus one should ask only the essentials like email address, birthday, telephone number etc.

  • Look for services that build responsive campaigns

Campaigns that look great on mobile aren’t a luxury anymore especially with Google’s SEO algorithms consistently changing to improve the way people search, mobile responsiveness is a requirement. You can help improve your search positions by hiring a Linkedin Marketing Company An increasing number of people want the world “on-the-go” and operate all sorts of devices. Thus, it’s important to build a campaign that looks great and works smoothly on all sorts of devices, desktops to tablets.

  • Understanding the audience

A common tip in every social media campaign rule book and still it’s worth repeating, creating marketing personas will help one understand their audience better and create campaigns that click with them. Surveys, quizzes, etc. can help to create more relevant content. A good marketing agency can help you execute this although finding a good agency is difficult, you can compare Australia’s top marketing agencies at marketingquotes.com.au

  • Be creative and experimental

Creativity is what best sets apart a product from others. It’s highly advised to experiment on one’s website with creative landing pages, visuals, GIFs, Instagram stories and more. It’s most important that no matter how long a person spends on a website, it should leave a positive vibe.

  • Value > product

A good marketer understands that in order to sell their brand effectively one should focus on selling its value rather than the product. The success of giant brands like Apple, Amazon, etc. is a testament to this belief. So the aim should not be just to go about selling products for raising revenue.

Wrapping up, social media campaigns are fun, easy ways to gather feedback and information enlist user-friendly content and promote a specific product. Whatever the goal, the campaign must be built to match it up.